Cayenne Hot Sauce

Cayenne 101

You may possibly be familiar with the cayenne pepper by a different name. Aleva, bird pepper, cow-horn pepper and guinea spice are some of the other titles for this pepper. The most common reference however, is when it is in it's powered form, where it is called simply "red pepper". It is most closely associated with jalapenos and bell peppers. Cayenne/cayenne hot sauce has become an increasingly popular spice in the U.S., along with the desire for buffalo wings, where cayenne is present in the hot sauce.

It is actually named after a city in French Guiana. It can be grown in many warm weather climates as long as the soil is not too dry. It takes a little over 3 months to mature after which it is a popular ingredient in hot sauces, salsa and as a condiment to any food item where hot and spicy is the desired result.

However, what is little known but may be of the most interest to males and their special someone, is that cayenne pepper and cayenne hot sauce can act as an aphrodisiac due to the presence of capsaicin which may increase blood flow to all human body parts. :)

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