Chipolte Hot Sauce

Chipotle Hot Sauce Packs a Perfect Punch!

A Chipotle pepper is simply a Jalapeño pepper that has been smoke-dried. Jalapenos, widely grown and eaten in Mexico, when being used for Chipolte are allowed to remain on their plants until they turn a beautiful bright red color. The longer time on the plant allows the Jalapenos to lose the extra moisture that they have retained while growing. These Jalapenos are then used for making Chipotle.

It takes about 10 pounds of Jalapenos to make one pound of Chipotle and a Chipotle pepper's heat will depend a great deal on how much heat the Jalapeno peppers have from which it was made.

A proper Chipotle hot sauce combines heat with a fine smoky flavor which can be added to just about any food, from fish to chicken to beef. It can even be added to mayonnaise, salads and rice for added flavor dimension. A delicious Chipotle pepper hot sauce adds a punch of extra flavor to any meal!

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