Hot and Spicy Beans

Bodacious Beans

Beans can be boring. Sorry to all you bean fans out there, but it can't be denied. However, it is not true of all these oversized seeds humans enjoy everyday. Allow me to introduce spicy beans. These are beans that have been enhanced with peppers and spices that put the poor, common kidney bean to shame.

Whether you prefer the exotic, such as Spicy World Moong Dal Split Mung Beans and the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla or a straight forward refried bean from Texas, spicy beans wake up the taste buds unlike your average fare.

Speaking of waking up, why not try some spicy coffee beans. Your mornings will never be the same. Or perhaps you prefer waking up to a Bloody Mary on the weekends. Spicy beans of the green variety are the perfect garnish to a robust AM "pick me up".

Spicy beans are rich in protein and make a great adult stocking stuffer or white elephant gift as well. OK, maybe beans aren't so boring after all.

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