Hot and Spicy Pickles

Pungent Pickles

Pickles have been part of the American cultural cuisine from before Christopher Columbus landed on our shores. In fact, did you know the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria relied heavily on pickles to sustain the crews during their voyages to the new land? The heavy presence of vitamin C helped to prevent a scurvy outbreak prevalent during those days.

But enough of the history lesson. Todays story is about spicy pickles and we're not talking about extra vinegar. We are referring to a combo of sweet and heat that cannot be beat. These tongue tingling sensations include real peppers such as jalapeno and of the red chili variety. Spicy pickles are the perfect complement to sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. They can also be served with any meal to add that extra punch. They are amazing as part of any salad whether for a summer barbeque or winter holiday celebration.

So if you're in a pickle as far as what to give to that hard to buy for Aunt or Uncle this year, spicy pickles will be a unique, yet pleasant surprise.

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