Spicy Chips

No Dip Chips 

Why take the time to prepare that bowl of dip when the opening kick is only minutes away and your favorite team gets the ball first? While we highly support the notion that dips are a wonderful complement to any self respecting chip, there are occasions where time is of the essence. Thats where spicy chips come into play.

Simply open the bag and the aroma of these pre-flavored spicy chips will overcome your taste buds. You will be satisfied from the first crunch as to their flavor whether it be chipotle, jalapeno or my favorite, buffalo wing hot sauce. Some even come with just enough ranch or bleu cheese seasoning to make you think your in a sports bar eating the real thing.

OK, for the ultimate taste treat go ahead and combine them with your favorite dip or salsa. Or for an out of the box (or bag) experience, why not break them up and spread them atop that holiday salad your bringing to the party.

Spicy chips, dipped or not, are an easy, economical way to enjoy any celebration.

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