Spicy Jelly

Jumpin Jelly Jamboree

Personally, I have always been one to associate jelly with toast in the morning or in conjunction with peanut butter to create the great American sandwich. Recently, I have found a whole new world for this spreadable fare that has opened my eyes, not to mention my sinus passages.

I am talking about spicy jelly and this may not be your grandpa's idea of spicy. I am referring to spicy jelly, made with red peppers, chili peppers, Chipotle, Jalapenos and Habaneros. For sake of reference, habaneros rank among the hottest of peppers with a Scoville rating of between 200,000 and 300,00 units. Thats hot!

If the mood suits you, feel free to add the Jalapeno jelly to the aforementioned PB & J. The red pepper version is scrumptious atop a bagel and sour cream. The chipotle spicy jelly complements a pork chop turning it into something more than a boring piece of white meat. Many of these will have fruit present, such as apricot or strawberry too.

It is a unique gift or as the secret ingredient added to your family's holiday food offering.

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