Vegusto Smoky Slices on a seeded bagel with a combination of Vegusto’s No-Moo Piquant and Herb cheeses with added flavour using Vegusto’s vegan Hollandaise dip. A perfect array of flavours and textures full of health and vitality. The world’s best hot sauces and spicy foods. Spicy food and hot sauce video reviews, recipes and articles. Spicy food clothing, aprons, and wall decals. Spicy Is Good is your one-stop shop for hot sauces, spicy foods and other spicy-related accessories. We are absolutely obsessed with spicy foods and we are here to help you enjoy them too. Spicy Is Good has hundreds of Cayenne, Jalepeno, Habanero and Chipolte hot sauces from the four corners of the globe and spicy foods and dishes from a variety of exotic locations around the world. We want to help you create unique [More]
In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Wieners. These are great for parties, and for all of you planning a Super Bowl Party, these would be perfect! You can make them in a slow cooker, and just leave it plugged in, so that they are hot whenever you need them—at home, or if you take them for pot luck. The cocktail wieners are cooked in a wonderful sauce of red currant jelly and dipping mustard, and the taste is superb! Ingredients: 1 pound cocktail wieners (I used Hillshire Farms Lit’l Smokies, but they do not [More]
Hot Sauce Review: Chilli Jam Man’s Hot Smoky Bhut First of the Chilli Jam Man’s products that I’ve tried and listed on his heat-o-meter scale as a 9.1 / 10. I didn’t think it rated quite that high, but the Bhut Jolokia chillies, despite only being 0.6% gave it a bite that was a touch hotter than I anticipated. It’s a heat that hits fast but peaks to a nice level very quickly, making it definitely usable as a jam. It has a sweet and savoury component to it, so it would also be useful as a hot pickle alternative, [More]
Smoken Bobs Hot Dogs & Smokies Winnipeg Video teaser