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HowToExpo.com Spicy Olive Marinade Cilantro Recipe. For written directions and ingredients visit howtoexpo.com Red Wine Vinegar with Aleppo Pepper, cumin extra virgin olive oil all tossed in a mixing bowl. With all these herbs and spices bring a flavorful olive marinade. No need to go and…
I am using the Aromatherapy Bible to describe the essential oil I use to blend our spicy lemon soap. I am giving you some of the information on clary sage as an example of what is in this book. My spicy lemon blend is lemongrass. Bergamot and cedarwood (Virginia). I am also giving you a tip on how I mix a scent to determine how it will smell. All the soaps we make can be purchased on our website sunflower-soap.com and through our eBay store http
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Caution: Do not boil beer on a gas range. Alcohol vapors are flammable. Making a new soap. Check out my website for available soaps: www.goodearthspa.com
Kissan Chat Masala Sauce can be used on mixed chat, fruit salad or yoghurt to add spicy savoury chat flavours. Use Kissan Chat Masala to accompany your favourite Indian appetizers. Kissan International Inc www.kissan.ca
How to make hot chilli oil
This one came out very nice, dark and spicy! It’s a more masculine scent. My husband made me save a bar for him! The lighter color you see has cured out to a very dark brown. The soap looks pretty brown now and there is not much contrast between the clay and the rest. Thanks for watching, please visit my store to see available soaps! www.goodearthspa.com
Kissan Chat Masala is perfect mix of spices for any chat dish. Sprinkle Kissan Chat Masala on mixed chat, fried nuts, fruit salad or yoghurt to add spicy savoury flavours. Kissan International Inc www.kissan.ca
Kissan Vindaloo Paste is a spicy blend of ingredients used to create an authentic tasty hot vindaloo vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal. Kissan International Inc www.kissan.ca