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Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make italian tomato sauce.
Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make italian alfredo sauce.
THE ONLY HOT SAUCES THAT TOP THIS ONES ARE THE BLAIR’S SERIES.., were not really fans of spicy food. but we decided to give it a try. its pure capsainin. You can look it up yourself, this sauce is very fucking hot!!! i felt the pain on my tongue for a good 5 hours. pure cap 500000 scoville units! made with Red Savina peppers.
Chilehead and Blogger Scott Roberts gulps down a spoonful of Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce, the hottest sauce in his Death Sauce lineup. This “20/20” version of the extract-based Ultra Death has is 20% hotter than the normal version and may have an estimated 800000 – 900000 Scoville Heat Units of tongue-scalding capsaicin. Does Scott make it to the end without coughing or drinking a glass of milk? View to find out! If you’re interested in an of Blair’s hot sauces, go to www.extremefood.com. Visit Scott’s Spicy Food Blog at http to see reviews, industry interviews, videos and more.
RATED 4 OUT OF 5…..THIS STUFF WAS DELICIOUS!!!!! SWEET WITH HEAT!!!! Texas Love was his Ghost Pepper Sauce. Best Damn Ghost Pepper Sauce Ive had so far. Contact:Danny & Catherine at [email protected] or find Danny Finnin on my facebook page. THIS REMINDS ME OF SOME DOWN HOME TEXAS LOVE
After a few suggestions from some of my subscribers this is one of a few sauces I will test… This Habanero Sauce is fantastic.. tastes great, has a fruity zing to it with the chili and pepper heats that punch you straight away… Great sauce for any meat… marinade… dips…. mmmmm lol.. Music- Dj Ar’mless (all rights reserved) HomeGrownUKChili TM
www.tastepadthai.com- Ingredients for Pad Kee Mao Sauce ( Cilantro, Garlic, Thai Chili, Black Pepper), cooked Spaghetti, Chicken, Thai Sweet Basil, White Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Seasoning with Oyster Sauce, Sweet Black Soy Sauce, and Salt
Texas Pete Original Goya Hot Sauce Louisiana Original Tabasco Original Franks Red Hot Original Louisiana a Supreme Cutlerylover Heat Rating = ALL sauces 3 or Less
These are the best hot sauce (s) that I know. There are a ton out there but these are the 3 I use all the time. 1. Sriracha- Get this in the ethnicity/oriental aisle or asian food market. 2. Tabasco- Duh! 3. ART’S BLAST FURNACE HABANERO- This is a small batch hot sauce made in the LA area. Leave a comment here for now or email the address below when I get it. TELL HIM “BENJI” REFERRED YOU! Here’s his number: 714-473-6411 Visit my Page www.youtube.com/benjimantv
www.maritimemadness.com www.youtube.com This tasted amazing, fruity, and delicious but had enough heat to make me happy and but sweat and wonder if Im going to die…Cutlerylover Heat Rating = 5