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Bake bread, sausage and cheese in a beautiful bundt and get ready to receive rave reviews.
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It’s about “How to cook Spaghetti spicy with bacon and sausage” that you can make it in a few minutes at your home, condominium or dorm. It’s an easy menu that everyone can cook although you never cook before. Enjoy our clip and let’s cooking
A tasty sausage dish http://www.kitchendaily.com/2010/03/09/spicy-sausage-rigatoni-with-olives-and-capers/ 
[korean food] spicy sausage stew, army camp stew, budae jjigae, 부대찌개 After Korean conflict(1950. 6. 25), the US army stationed in South Korea. So Korean had first taste of ham, sausage, bacon or something. we collected these and created new food. The ingredients are from US and the recipe is Korean style. we usually get these ingredients from US army, so we called this food ‘Budae Jjigae’. ‘Budae(부대)’ means ‘army camp’ or ‘army base’, ‘Jjigae(찌개) means ‘stew” in Korea. At that time those who live around US army camp had eaten it, But thesedays this spicy sausage stew is very [More]
Spicy sausage and potato soup is a hearty, filling meal that is perfect for cold nights. Here’s a delicious and easy recipe for spicy sausage and potato soup.
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Please click to subscribe to my videos. THANKS !! We are trying to get 10,000 subscribers !! ( More recipes to come ) This is a delicious meal I make on a regular basis, it is hot Italian sausage with shrimp in a spicy tomato based sauce, combined with sliced peppers and onions. If you want the recipe , please email me : [email protected] the recipe is free by the way…Enjoy the Music by Matt Anderson from Canada, song is When my Angel gets the Blues. Great entertainer, and amazing performer. Here is a link to his website:http://www.stubbyfingers.ca/Thanks for permission [More]