Video commercial created in 2013 by Komplot Advertising for new product line “Mistral Spicy Tea” of Baliarne Obchodu a.s., Poprad, largest Tea and Coffee producer in Slovakia. —————————————- © 2013 Komplot Advertising s.r.o. Concept: Andrea Kotulová, Peter Hajdin, Adam Znášik Creative Direction: Peter Hajdin Key visual: Matúš Bence Animation: Paľo Ďurák, Jožo Elšík, Peter Košťál Music: Peter Hajdin Music&Sound Production: Erik “Losos” Horák Voiceover: Marian Geišberg The world’s best hot sauces and spicy foods. Spicy food and hot sauce video reviews, recipes and articles. Spicy food clothing, aprons, and wall decals. Spicy Is Good is your one-stop shop for hot sauces, spicy foods and other spicy-related accessories. We are absolutely obsessed with spicy foods and we are here to help you enjoy them too. Spicy Is Good has hundreds of Cayenne, Jalepeno, Habanero and Chipolte hot sauces from the four corners of the globe and spicy foods and dishes from a variety of exotic locations around the world. We want to help you create unique [More]
This prank took place at Annettes parent’s house not ours. I came over to see Annette and we went out to eat and than came back home and watched a movie and relaxed. Little did I know that she had a prank planned out for me. When I was ready to leave in about an hour Annette asked me if I wanted some tea as she knows I drink either coffee or tea. So, of course I said yes and the next thing I know I got pranked! The tea wasn’t actually hot though. It was the spicy ingredients that [More]
This delicious and aromatic Indian style tea has long been a favorite beverage enjoyed hot or cold. This is the Veggie Kitchen version of the spicy tea drink known as Chai Masala.
Learn how to make this wonderfully flavored Chai with this recipe from West Coast Ayurveda. Find out more at
Spicy Steve. Visit to discover more recipes. This episode was taken from the series SPICY STEVE ASIAN SECRETS.
Chai… experiment with new tastes and flavors. Many other flavor has to be shown yet..But every morning tea is one of my special tea that keeps me energetic whole day…and also keeps me away from getting common cold, cough. So make your everday morning fresh morning with this tea..chai…
Still dusty from its annual trek to Burning Man, Tealchemy’s Tea Temple will be erected inside the Asian Art Museum to participate in the museum’s MATCHA program series. Everyone can sip earthy tea inside this mammoth atmospheric, communal space, which celebrates the centuries-old nomadic trade and travel of the Silk Routes. Elsewhere in the museum, taste teas from India, Persia, and Tibet (courtesy Samovar) or those along China’s Tea and Horse Roads (courtesy Teance). Discover how these different blends are brewed and grind your own spicy chai (Indian tea), mortar and pestle style. Learn about tea and its cultural influences, [More]