Man Burns Hole in Stomach After Eating Spicy Soup

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A man burns a hole in his stomach after eating hot Chinese soup.

Some people can’t get enough of the spicy foods.

Recently, a 26-year-old man was hospitalized after consuming a Chinese soup.

The soup contained the broth of mala hot pot, which is known to cause a numbing sensation in the mouth due to ingredients like chili pepper and Sichuan pepper. The man had apparently ordered the spiciest edition of mala hot pot from a restaurant menu.

Shortly after consuming his soup, the victim began experiencing sharp stomach pain and then started vomiting blood. He was taken to an emergency room where doctors concluded that the unlucky man had burnt a hole through his stomach tissue.

The man had no medical history of gastrointestinal problem or ulcers, leading personnel to reach the conclusion that the culprit was the spicy mala broth.

Earlier this year, a soup reportedly contributed to a woman’s death. An 88-year-woman, who was initially hospitalized for a stroke, passed away 12 hours after a soup injection.
The elderly woman’s daughter had been in the room and witnessed her mother moving uncomfortably and sticking her tongue out following the injection. A medical technician reportedly put soup in the IV accidentally, rather than the feeding tube, where it belonged.

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