Firehouse chef Tom Papoutsis browns the meat and sautes the peppers and onions for the chili.
HERE’S ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS TV COMMERCIALS OF ALL TIME! The ground-breaking Alka Seltzer commercial from 1969, a commercial-within-a-commercial showing a series of supposed out-takes, this hilarious spot stars Jack Somack as a hapless commercial actor being forced to eat spicy meatballs in take after take, with an unfortunately increasing gastric price to pay!
Out-takes from an old Spicy Meatball Alka Seltzer Commercial
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These sturdy pies are ideal cold for lunches. They can also be served warm as an appetizer. The spice blend is my own and can be used in other dishes as well.
Bake bread, sausage and cheese in a beautiful bundt and get ready to receive rave reviews.
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Come take a walk on the spicy side with Sichuan’s hottest snacks. In a four stage competition Kyle will go head to head with his guest Ada to see who can climb higher up fire mountain. Loser buys dinner. At each stage we’ll check out another hot hot treat from the land of chili lovers. Grab a glass of water, you’ll probably need it. Go to to watch the full episode