Chef Bryan Davis demonstrates how to cook clams with spicy tomato garlic sauce as an appetizer and an entrée.
Amy Riolo with the Horseradish Information Council shows how to make spicy Soft Shelled Chicken Tacos with caramelized onions, peppers, and horseradish sauce.
Chef Hector Playuk demonstrates how to plate and serve lobster linguini with spicy brandy sauce.
Chef Hector Playuk demonstrates how to make lobster linguini with spicy brandy sauce.
5 conestants will go throught 6 spicy sauces, in part 1 three sauces.
Buddah tells you about some of his favorite sauces with flavors that are different than the average hot sauce. There is a Grape grilling sauce, a Thai Curry sauce, a Portuguese Indian cream sauce, a mango habanero curry hot sauce, and a Jamaican pear calypso sauce. So many great flavors, so many great products. Small companies that you probably never heard about until now. Support them and give them all a try.
Just a spoon full of Adom Mako Shito on your chicken makes a world of difference. Its the secret of many tasty African dishes. Spark up the heat. Ideas
One June 25, I celebrated National Chocolate Pudding Day (albeit a few days late) by eating 3 cups of chocolate pudding — then pouring a lot of hot sauces and chiles in there. Spicy dairy + speed = not a happy panda. In short, keep your stomach your friend and don’t try this one. Just don’t. Credit for Music: “Future Gladiator” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed Under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” Please like, follow, and subscribe! Aaron’s Food Adventures Blog: FB: Twitter: @aaronwakamatsu YouTube: